“Breaking News: Japan’s Volleyball League Evolves into S-V League – What’s New?”【18/200 Days Challenge】





また、V1リーグ女子のKUROBEアクアフェアリーズもS-Vリーグへの参入を目指しています。彼らは黒部市に新たな拠点を設立し、事務所、グッズショップ、トレーニングジムを備えた複合施設「AQUA FAIRIES SQUARE」の竣工式を行いました。このような積極的な投資は、S-Vリーグへの強い意欲を示しています​​​​。





“Hey there, everyone! Keisuke here from Thumbs Up Smile, your go-to place for all things volleyball. Today, I’m excited to share some groundbreaking news about the future of volleyball in Japan. As someone who’s dedicated years to coaching and analyzing this fantastic sport, I’m thrilled to discuss the transformation of Japan’s top volleyball league into the ‘S-V League’ starting from the 2024-25 season.

Let’s get into the details. On June 21, 2023, a pivotal meeting of the V League Organization Board set the stage for a major overhaul. They approved a new club licensing system as part of the ‘V.LEAGUE REBORN’ project. This isn’t just a change in name; it’s a fundamental shift in how our top league operates and sets standards.

So, what are these changes? There are two types of licenses: ‘SV License’ for S-V.LEAGUE entry and ‘V License’ for V.LEAGUE entry. Teams aiming for the S-V.LEAGUE must meet stringent criteria to qualify for the SV License. This includes having a corporate structure for the parent company, a responsible club management team, and a robust youth team development program.

But here’s where it gets even more interesting. The SV License has unique requirements. For instance, clubs must host at least 80% of their home games in arenas with a capacity of over 5,000. They also need to hit a significant financial milestone: annual sales of over 600 million yen. This means that teams need to not only perform well on the court but also off it, in terms of management and financial stability.

Applications for these licenses start on August 1st, 2023, and run until November 30th. It’s a rigorous process, with the final decision on license issuance set for April 2024. This timeline gives clubs ample opportunity to prepare and align with these new standards.

What does this mean for volleyball in Japan? It’s a game-changer. We’re looking at a more professional, sustainable, and fan-centric league. As a coach, I see this as a fantastic opportunity for clubs to grow and for the sport to attract more fans. It raises the bar for everyone involved, from players to management to supporters.

As we eagerly await the birth of the S-V League, let’s remember the journey that got us here. The dedication of players, coaches, and fans has been instrumental in elevating Japanese volleyball to this point. And now, we’re set to take it even further.

That’s all for today’s exciting update. Keep your spirits high and your support for volleyball strong. This is Keisuke from Thumbs Up Smile, signing off. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and turn on notifications for more volleyball updates. Thanks for watching, and let’s meet again with more exciting news. Stay smiling!”


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