ChatGPT × バレーボールのアナリスト × YouTube & ブログ 【3/200 TUS ENGLISH SELF-TALK STUDIO】

 ChatGPTに生成してもらった英語スクリプトを音読して勉強することを習慣化するチャレンジ中の塚田圭裕です。私は普段、福岡ギラソールという福岡県のバレーボール女子クラブチームでアナリストしています。またバレーボール専門ウェブメディア「Thumbs Up Smlie」の代表とアナリストのためのオンラインサロン「バレーボールアナリスト戦術アカデミーVATA」の学長をやっています。”世界を舞台に戦うために”というスローガンのもと、【英語 × YouTube × ChatGPT(自動生成AI)】という今の世の中で絶対使えた方がいいよね、というものをすべて組み合わせてやってしまおうという企画になっています。





本日の配信スクリプト”The East – West Match”

 今日の配信用のスクリプトは全編英語で話せるようにChatGPTに指示しました。英語とYouTube、そしてChatGPTを掛け合わせて毎日配信をしたいと記載した箇所が、”a fantastic tool called ChatGPT”と表現されている点に注目です(笑)


“Hello, everyone! A smile is always a good thing, right? I’m Keisuke, the founder of ‘Thumbs Up Smile,’ your go-to web media for volleyball enthusiasts, and the dean of the ‘Volleyball Analysts Tactical Academy.’”

“I’ve been using the power of English, YouTube, and a fantastic tool called ChatGPT to create a space where I continually learn about everything. Today marks the 3rd day of my 200-day journey of reading English scripts generated by ChatGPT. Thanks for joining me.”

“In today’s broadcast, the first part will involve repetitive exercises using the ‘Direct Method,’ and in the second part, we’ll read and practice the English script mentioned earlier.”

Direct Method:

“Today, we’re going to practice pages 12 to 24 of our repetitive exercise text.” “So, let’s dive right into it!”


“We’ve completed the repetition exercises!” “Now, let’s take a short break with a jingle before moving on to the second half!”

English Script Reading:

“Now, let’s proceed with the reading of the English script.” “Today’s theme is ‘Moments When I Was Glad to Be a Volleyball Analyst.’” “Now, let’s move on to reading an English script.

I started working as an analyst during my second year of college. When I began, I faced a significant challenge that I mentioned in a previous video – wrestling with an Italian manual.

One day, I finished configuring the data analysis software I was using at the time, and I was ready to input data. I spent three hours inputting data, but I didn’t realize that I should have separated the code with spaces. As a result, I could only record data for serves and receptions, in other words, the serve-receive data. I was deeply disappointed, as I thought I could finally display the HITTING CHART I had seen in the manual.

After two years, I had grown enough to be selected as a student representative analyst for the West Japan Student Select Team. The match was called the East-West Match, where university representative teams from the East and West competed. The East team had been winning for the past four years, and due to financial reasons, it was decided that 2012 would be the last time the East-West Match was held. Our West Japan representative team was determined to make our mark one last time, and we fought with unwavering unity.

Especially as a senior in college, I put all my efforts into preparing for the match as an analyst, including gathering information and devising strategies. It paid off, and in the final moments, we won with a 3-2 victory in a full set match. I experienced my first-ever ‘shoulder lift’ that day. I was the one who soared through the air, and it was not only a testament to the team’s acknowledgment of my passion and hard work but also one of the proudest moments of my life. At that moment, I genuinely felt grateful for being an analyst. So, these are the moments when I was glad to be a volleyball analyst!”


“Thank you for joining me today in our English script reading session. It’s been a pleasure sharing my experiences as a volleyball analyst and what makes me appreciate this role.”

“Before we wrap up, I’d like to leave you with this thought: life is filled with incredible moments like the one I shared today. Keep pursuing your passions, and you’ll find those ‘glad to be’ moments in your journey too.” “Well then, today, tomorrow, and the day after, keep smiling!”

My first-ever ‘shoulder lift’ that day


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