5/200 “Unbelievable Truth: The Majority of Volleyball Coaches in Japan Are Volunteers?!”





“The Truth About Coaching in Japan vs. the US | Thumbs Up Smile”

Hello everyone, smiles are great, right? I’m Keisuke from the “Thumbs Up Smile” YouTube channel! My main profession is a professional volleyball coach and data analyst. Besides that, I also nurture analysts in an online community and utilize that community for various data-related work on the internet. For example, online player coaching and seminars for coaches.

From a different perspective, also online, I make use of my skills acquired during my graduate studies to offer online tutoring, online English conversation utilizing my English skills, and I also hold a professional qualification as a mental coach, providing support for mental health improvement.

Lately, I’ve been receiving recognition for my volleyball coaching skills and have been conducting traveling clinics more frequently. I was surprised to hear that in the United States, local coaches charge players anywhere from $40 to $100 for individual lessons. I’ve also earned $40 for an hour of temporary coaching for junior players during my coaching training in the US. This is not a common sight in Japan. Coaches in Japan, whether in elementary school, high school, or even college, often work on a volunteer or near-volunteer basis and earn their income from other jobs.

I believe that better services (in the case of volleyball, better coaching) cannot be achieved through volunteer work alone. Even if someone with the means to do so provides excellent coaching, it often remains limited to that individual. I want to change this situation in Japan, and when I provide a service, I ensure that I receive fair compensation. This is based on my experiences in the United States, where I learned that this compensation leads to better services.

Fair compensation for proper work. It may sound obvious, but in Japan, the struggle with volunteerism continues. By consistently sharing these thoughts on YouTube and social media every day, I aim to change the very culture of the Japanese volleyball community!


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