9/200 “Exclusive Interview with Samurai Coach Kento Hayashi!”

しのぎを削ったライバル、そしてコーチ仲間のケントとのラジオ収録!そして今週末はビーチバレー大会「KYUBA CUP 2023」


 今週末はビーチバレー大会「KYUBA CUP 2023」に出場予定の塚田です!元Vリーガーの今村和貴くんとペアで2人制を、ギラソールのメンバーと4人制にエントリーしています。


 KYUBA CUPの魅力は何といってもミスタービーチバレーこと我らが福岡ギラソール監督の高尾さんが出場することですね。往年のレジェンドプレーヤーと試合ができるのはありがたいですし、まだまだ動けるなーというのは体育館でもわかっていますが、砂の上ではより凄みを増しますからね。今年はぜひとも対戦したいなと思います!

昨年のKYUBA CUPの様子(右側ブロックサインを出しているのが塚田)



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[Transition to Interview]

YouTuber Host: Now, let’s dive into the main event. Yesterday, I had the privilege of hosting none other than the Samurai Coach himself, Kento Hayashi, as a special guest on my show. It was an unexpected twist of fate as “Samuraji” conducted its first-ever remote recording, all the way from Italy!

[Sharing a Personal Connection]

YouTuber Host: You might be curious why I affectionately call him “Kento” or “Kenty” instead of just “Kent.” Well, it’s not just a name; it’s a heartfelt wish. His parents and grandparents gave him that name, hoping he’d become a global figure, someone whose name everyone around the world could easily pronounce. And he’s certainly living up to that name! By the way, it’s funny because my name, Keisuke, apparently isn’t the easiest for non-Japanese folks to pronounce, so in that regard, I envy Kento’s name! (That’s a little joke!)

[Highlighting Remarkable Achievements]

YouTuber Host: Kento is currently making history as the first Japanese coach to earn a salary and work in Italy’s top volleyball league. It’s an incredible milestone that’s breaking down barriers and creating new opportunities. I have no doubt he’ll become a prominent figure in Japan’s volleyball community in the years to come.

[Expressing Support]

YouTuber Host: I, for one, am cheering him on with all my heart, and I’m sure you will too once you hear about his incredible journey and his vision for the future. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the interview we recorded for my internet radio show, “Samuraji,” on “Yumenotane.” It’s an absolute gem, so stick around!

[Discussion and Reflection]

YouTuber Host: Kento shared his desire to strengthen the Japanese national volleyball team by utilizing the unique qualities of Japanese volleyball. He explained that by venturing overseas, he gained valuable insights into the strengths and attributes of Japanese volleyball. His excitement about contributing to the Japanese national team, particularly the women’s team, was truly inspiring. Furthermore, Kento places great importance on human connections in his coaching journey. He always tells his players, “You can expect more from yourself!” No wonder he’s renowned for his growth mindset and player development skills.

YouTuber Host: Kento and I share an exceptional friendship, and you could even say we’re friendly rivals. While I may not see myself working with the national team, I can definitely imagine myself leading a team I’ve built to victory on the world stage, like winning the World Club Championship. In the public arena (national team), Kento shines, and in the private realm, my team will take the spotlight!


YouTuber Host: In any case, remember, smiles look good on you today, tomorrow, and the day after. Keep spreading positivity, stay awesome, and we’ll catch you in the next video!


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