8/200 “The Power of Consistency: My Volleyball Journey”






Hey there, awesome folks! Keisuke here, and I’ve got some exciting news to share. We’re one week into our 200-day YouTube live challenge, and it’s been a blast. I’m feeling the positive vibes from all of you, just like the good ol’ middle school days. And you know what? I even received the Top Fan badge from Temple University’s Facebook page! Life’s full of surprises, huh?

Let me take you back to when I first realized the power of perseverance – I was in my second year of middle school. Back then, my school didn’t have a boys’ volleyball team, so I joined the basketball team. I enjoyed playing basketball, but deep down, I wanted to play volleyball. So, in my second year, I started attending girls’ volleyball practice.

Every morning, I’d arrive at school around 6 AM, waiting for the janitor to unlock the gate. He happened to be a volleyball player, and whenever he had time, he’d practice with me. In those early hours, I’d fine-tune my skills, focusing on serving against the wall for over an hour. Little did I know how crucial those early morning practices would be.

As I was practicing, teachers passing by would greet me, and I’d always respond with, “Good morning! I’m Tsukada from the boys’ volleyball team!” After an unconventional year, my dedication paid off, and the boys’ volleyball team was formed in my third year.

So, what’s the lesson here? Consistency is key. By pursuing your goals and taking action, you might inspire those around you to help you reach them. I recently read about “Spiritual Linkages” in a book by James Skinner, which connects actions and results in a way that goes beyond mere causality. People like Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi are great examples of individuals whose actions were directly linked to significant outcomes. They embodied the power of this spiritual linkage, connecting actions with results.

Now, let’s talk about my big dream. I’ve set my sights on something monumental – making it to the Volleyball Hall of Fame. The path to get there is still shrouded in mystery, but it’s become the cornerstone of my life goals. I’ll share more about what it entails in future videos, but for now, this 200-day challenge is the first step.

Thanks for tuning in, folks! If you enjoyed this video and want to follow my journey towards that dream, don’t forget to hit the like button, subscribe, and leave a comment. Let’s make this adventure together! See you in the next one, and remember to keep those thumbs up and smiles on. Catch you later!


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