“Epic Volleyball Adventure at KYUBA CUP 2023: Our Journey to the Top 8!” 【14/200】

“勝利へのセッティング:KYUBA CUP 2023でのアクション満載の旅!”(作:ChatGPT)

こんにちは、皆さん!いつも笑顔がいいね!Thumbs Up SmileのKeisukeです。今日は先週末に体験した素晴らしいバレーボールの冒険についてお話ししようと思います!

2023年11月12日、私はKYUBA CUP 2023に参加しました。この大会は、ビーチバレーボールの地元イベントで、2人制のチームで行われ、約20年の歴史があります。地方大会であるにもかかわらず、現役のトッププレイヤーやビーチバレーボールの伝説的な選手たちが集まる素晴らしいイベントです。





これがKYUBA CUP 2023での私たちの話です。バレーボールは単なるゲームではありません。それはチームワーク、友情、そして自分の限界を押し広げることについてです。アクティブでつながりを持ち続けることを忘れないでください。コートで会いましょう!


Hey everyone, keep smiling! It’s Keisuke from Thumbs Up Smile! Today, I’m excited to share with you my volleyball adventure from last weekend!

On November 12, 2023, I participated in the KYUBA CUP 2023. This tournament, a local beach volleyball event, features teams of two and has a history of about 20 years. Despite being a local match, it attracts both current top players who have just finished their in-season and legendary players who have made their mark in beach volleyball. It’s a fantastic event that brings together the best of the volleyball community.

I teamed up with Kazuki Imamura, a junior from a different university during my college days. I affectionately call him ‘Ima-chan.’ Standing at 198cm, Ima-chan towers over me by 31cm, as I’m 167cm tall. He’s a former V-League player who shone with the Sakai Blazers. After retiring, he returned to his hometown in Fukuoka and has been actively involved in promoting volleyball in various capacities, including working at a sports arena.

This was our first time playing volleyball together, and it was also Ima-chan’s first experience in a 2-player beach volleyball match. Despite being new to this format, his impressive height played a huge role in our performance. Out of 48 pairs, we made it to the top 8! Ima-chan was phenomenal in serving, blocking, and spiking, contributing majorly to our offense. On my end, I leveraged my agility and skills in setting and passing to strengthen our defense.

We faced and defeated teams from high schools across Kyushu, university students specializing in beach volleyball, and pairs from strong local teams. In the match for the top 4, we went against a pair featuring a player who was the runner-up in the selection matches for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Japanese team. Although we lost that match, it was an incredibly valuable experience for us.

This tournament also served as a wonderful opportunity to reaffirm our bond. I’m really looking forward to playing volleyball with Ima-chan again.

So, that’s my story from the KYUBA CUP 2023. Volleyball is not just a game; it’s about teamwork, friendship, and pushing your limits. Remember to stay active and connected. See you on the court!


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